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Nov 2, 2013 2:00pm PDT
in los angeles including a new photograph of the victim. we hope to have that for you within the next hour. we'll begin, of course, in los angeles where we have just learned beefed-up security teams are monitoring l.a.x. airport police are getting lots of help one day after a gunman opened fire killing a tsa officer and bringing chaos to one of the world's busiest airports. >> today in our enhanced deployment for los angeles world airport, los angeles police department has committed additional resources. this morning i met with the federal air marshals and they're providing additional resources for us. obviously today and for the foreseeable future we'll continue our very high profile at the curbs and anywhere in those ticketing areas and anywhere on our campuses. >> we're also learning some new troubling clues emerging about the suspect 23-year-old paul ciancia. a source tells cnn the suspect had a note with an anti-tsa rant. the note also reflected his fear of an ominous new world order. our affiliates kcal and kcbs got the exclusive video and it appears to show the suspect handcuff
Nov 1, 2013 1:00pm EDT
're watching live coverage from our nbc station in los angeles, knbc, of an incident still unfolding at los angeles international airport. i'm scott cohn in the cnbc newsroom. 9:30 west coast time, 12:30 eastern time there were reports of shots fired in terminal three at lax. that's the terminal that serves aleen allegiant, front tier, jetblue, virgin australia. what we know we believe what people have been injured. there are multiple reports about the suspect, whether he or she is injured, in custody or whatever. as you've seen from knbc there is a triage unit being set up outside terminal three and it appears as if air traffic at lax is shut down, so that's yet another effect of this, as it continues to unfold. let's go back now to more live coverage from knbc. >> -- with you right now we want to connect with nick hugh, we're told he was at the airport at lax when this shooting occurred. nick, are you joining us? >> yeah, i'm here. >> you can tell us what you saw? >> yeah, i was in the virgin america terminal waiting in line for security on the upper mezzanine, and we were just standing t
Nov 14, 2013 4:00am PST
will be sunny and windy, of course, dallas will be sunny, and nothing but sunshine in los angeles. >>> time now for a check of the national forecast. it will be clear from the plains to the eastern seaboard today, and temperatures will begin to rebound. most of the midwest will be sunny and dry, but windy conditions are expected for the great lakes. the south will be mostly dry as well except miami, which could see some showers. scattered showers are forecast for washington and oregon, but california will be warm and sunny. >>> in sports, houston texans' head coach gary kubiak is expected to be back on the sidelines with his team this sunday. kubiak collapsed half time at the texans game two sundays ago. the coach suffered what's called a mini stroke on the sidelines and missed the team's next game. doctors have limited kubiak's work schedule. he says he does not remember collapsing. >>> in college football, northern illinois trying to keep their bcf dreams alive. the 20th ranked huskies feeling the pressure from ball state. the game tied at 27-27 in the fourth quarter. jordan lynch throws a 36
Al Jazeera America
Nov 11, 2013 11:00pm EST
are trying to help any way they can. a filipino grocery store in los angeles taking donations. residents from a filipino community are donating food and even their own clothes to family members struggling with the storm's aftermath. >> clothes shoes and a lot of you know cans and also noodles. easy to eat. >> the relief effort is only the beginning of a long road to recovery. juan carlos molina al jazeera. >> to find out how you can help the victims log onto our website, click on the typhoon haiyan tab and you'll find a lot of resource he on the right side of the page. >>> heavy thunderstorms dumping more rain on the philippines. kevin corriveau, are kevin. >> if we are going to see anything bigger but this is going to stay as a tropical disturbance. pushing over the central part of the philippines. what it's going to do once it guess into the south china sea, it will develop into a tropical storm but we'll watch this carefully. rescue and relief efforts that's going to make some issues there. for haiyan well, that is now gone. notice the clouds right there over parts of china m
Nov 3, 2013 7:30am PST
last year in richmond and in the los angeles county town of almonte. >> this. idea comes from supervisor scott wiener who joins us in the studio. this appears to be part of a national trend. >> i think we are seeing a growing awareness and the evidence that sugary beverages are the direct cause of us fight in diabetes in this country to the point that people born today, one in three will develop diabetes. >> they are going to develop that from genetically predisposed, diet, a number of things. why sugar? >> there's growing scientific evidence that sugary beverages in particular are a leading cause of the spike in type two diabetes. it has to do with the way that sugary beverages are absorbed into the body. it's very different than even sugar in it. sugary beverages are a direct cause. >> might seem a little odd these days for sugar to join the list of big bad things like liquor or tobacco. how do you think this will go on? >> we of the town of scientific evidence that sugary beverages in particular are a major public-health problem, so it's like tobacco was. >> so it is simila
Nov 5, 2013 8:00pm PST
and in los angeles. that's where our teacher mom glenda has our report the city of seattle from the vintage year in los angeles in the city citing the guy fawkes mask are protesting against corruption around the world. i am tired of it was a time and i'm tired. the wedding i have an email directly to me. it was displeased with the status quo. so yesterday. continue educating. in the new ordinance activists linked to the online activism been going on in this helps organize the noon mass march which is supposedly taking place in dozens of cities across the us for the magical plain that this event aims to help bring back then as justice and freedom in the system. my dad actually did. many now and can retire and instead phil slater noah it just depends how to fly right now. meat and supporters held that the children to obey to know at the white house and know that you have rested right now from genetically modified foods that are reserved to most readers here express them in concert with the wrinkled sure of our politics and art work. their hope in the east side is a lake in the to many moms th
Nov 24, 2013 4:00am PST
to your ticket tears. aditi roy joins us live from los angeles. good morning, aditi. >> reporter: good morning, bianna, things are quiet here at l.a.x., this is supposed to be the busiest airport this thanksgiving weekend. with 2 million travelers traveling through. it will be hectic and expensive. the joys of holiday travel. >> first you delay me and then you bump me. >> reporter: immortalized in movies like "planes, trains and automobiles." >> we're going to atlanta. >> reporter: can be far less funny. >> one way to using these checked bags, curbside, they might overlook the fact that your bag is overweight that you have too many bax. >> reporter: the extra fees that you pay to fly, get extra leg room, can add as much as $6 billion for the major u.s. carriers. while you're forking over the extra money for that sandwich, chew on this, the person next to you probably didn't pay the same base price as your ticket. the variations in price were shocking. >> lot of airlines are adding seatback videos and wi-fi. we are paying a bit more for air travel but we're getting a better product. >>
Nov 21, 2013 4:00am PST
in dallas. los angeles, showers as well, 65 the high. >>> in sports with millions of dollars in salary and his career hanging in the balance, alex rodriguez stormed out of a grievance hearing on his suspension for allegedly using performance-enhancing drugs. the new york yankees star was enraged that major league baseball commissioner bud selig was not called to testify. rodriguez is trying to overturn the 211-game ban. after leaving in the middle of the hearing, rodriguez went on a new york sports radio station. he denied using p.e.d.s and obstructing baseball's investigation and said selig has a personal vendetta against him. >> 100% is personal. i think it's about his legacy and it's about my legacy. and he's trying to destroy me. by the way, he's retiring in 2014 and to put me on his big mantel on the way out, that's a helluva trophy. >> rodriguez said selig has never testified in the history of the drug history. rodriguez was scheduled to testify on friday. he said he will not return to the hearings. >>> in other baseball news the texas rangers and detroit tigers have agreed to a
Nov 22, 2013 4:00am PST
in miami. rain in chicago. same goes for dallas. los angeles, cloudy with a high of 68. >>> well, today the nation pauses to remember a dark day in its history. 50 years ago president john f. kennedy was shot and killed as his motorcade traveled through dealey plaza in dallas. this is how it looked when walter cronkite reported it on cbs. >> from dallas, texas, the flash apparently official. president kennedy died at 1:00 p.m. central standard time, 2:00 eastern standard time, some 38 minutes ago. vice president johnson has left the hospital in dallas, but we do not know to where he has proceeded. presumably he will be taking the oath of office shortly and will become the 36th president of the united states. >> thousands will gather at dealey plaza this morning for a solemn ceremony. >>> in boston, the jfk library opens an exhibit of never-before displayed items from kennedy's funeral. and at the white house president obama meets with volunteer from the peace corps, a program kennedy created. >>> vinita nair is in dallas with a story of a woman who was at dealey plaza a half a century a
Nov 23, 2013 4:00am PST
? >> let's hope this coming week is a little more smooth. aditi, thank you. that's aditi roy in los angeles, this morning. >>> now, to another air travel nightmare. this playing up in the sky and on camera. a passenger coming unglued and yelling about a bomb onboard. abc's rob nelson is here with this terrifying ordeal for passengers. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a crazy story here. a wild outburst and truly frightening moments, all caught on tape from a passenger onboard that plane, as an allegedly mentally ill man became unruly. even threatened to blow up the air force. >> there's a bomb on this [ bleep ] plane. there's a bomb on the plane. >> reporter: terrifying words screamed loud and clear friday morning, onboard this spirit airline flight. >> there's a bomb on the plane. there's a bomb on this [ bleep ] plane. >> reporter: the flight made an emergency landing, after the pilot reported the passenger's wild behavior. >> he was crazy. just to show you how crazy he was, he was throwing money at these people. >> reporter: these bizarre outbursts, forcing police to meet the air
Nov 24, 2013 7:00am PST
of them? abc's aditi roy joins us live from los angeles. good morning, aditi. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. things are fairly calm here at l.a.x., but this is supposed to be the busiest airport in the country this thanksgiving. there are going to be 2 million passengers traveling through here enter for those travellers, it will be hectic and expensive. oh, the joys of holiday travel. >> first you delay me and then you bump me. i can't wait to see what happens next. >> reporter: immortalized in movies like "planes, trains and automobiles." the reality -- >> we're going to atlanta. >> the bags. >> reporter: -- can be far less funny. >> check your bags, $50. >> one way to avoid the checked bag fee, when you use a sky cap curb side, sometimes they might give you a really good tip. they might overlook the fact that your bag is overweight that you have too many bags. >> reporter: the extra fees that you pay to fly, get extra leg room, can add as much as $6 billion for the major u.s. carriers. while you're forking over the extra money for that sandwich, chew on this -- the person next to
Nov 1, 2013 5:00pm PDT
: now to a developings story out of southern california. a deadly shooting inside the los angeles airport. and three others have been hurt. the suspected gunman is in custody. >> catherine: tonight -- we have new video from inside. but first. stephanie elam is live in l-a tonight.with the latest. stephanie? >> reporter: catherine it began with passengers running for their lives seeking any kind of rough rich. seeking any kind of refuge. >> reporter: the loss angeles airport police chief is a man with an assault rifle checked and at out of a back and began to open fire in the terminal, terminal 3. >> reporter: sources say another team as agent was shot in the late m1 shot and killed. multiple fired shot quickly. seven people were injured. >> one guy fell down after being shot >> reporter: the suspect went through the checkpoint point where a police fired and hitting the subject. >> people were getting knocked down there was luggage and mayhem everywhere >> reporter: people were hiding impact on stalls and others being evacuated. police were dropped police with guns drawn >> i heard
FOX Business
Nov 1, 2013 11:00am EDT
: breaking news. live pictures right now from lax, the los angeles airport. passengers were evacuated from terminal three around 9:00 a.m. this morning with reports of shots being fired. this has not been confirmed. we are monitoring this and will bring you the latest when we get it. terminal three, lax, approximately 9:00 a.m. this morning shots were heard. dennis: local time, i guess. tracy: yes, thank you. kobe bryant, speaking of l.a. polling in some serious cash today, and so is unclear sam in what is the final year of this contract with the lakers. kobe is set to make over 30 million. crazy. this is all part of the contract. being paid 24 million of that today. we have to talk about what he will pay in taxes. he will not take on nearly as much as you think. he will pay the top federal marginal rate of nearly 40%. on top of that land in california, the lakers. he has his state tax rate of over 13% because california just covers their residencies. the total tax burden, nearly 57% . meaning he will almost 14 million of the 24 million jobless am. if he does not get out there and start ba
Nov 27, 2013 1:00pm PST
you so much in los angeles for us. >>> coming up for us next on "the lead," three of our correspondents racing from new york to washington, d.c. now it's a contest really for second place. which was faster? was it train, was it car? we'll have the definitive answer next. >>> and it is touch and go right now for your favorite thanksgiving day parade floats. which ones could be grounded tomorrow if mother nature does not cooperate. what you wear to bed is your business. so, if you're sleeping in your contact lenses, ask about the air optix® contacts so breathable they're approved for up to 30 nights of continuous wear. serious eye problems may occur. ask your doctor and visit for safety information and a free one-month trial. the price you see is the price you pay? yep, best prices of the year. i can't see. honey. [ laughs ] brad. yeah? what are you doing? uh... hi. hi. [ male announcer ] it's the chevy black friday sale. during the chevy black friday sale, get this traverse ls for under $29,000 or this equinox ls for around $23,000. hurry. the best prices of
Nov 9, 2013 7:00am PST
. >>> and tributes across the country for the tsa officer killed at los angeles international airport last week. a moment of silence was held as l.a.x. and other airports across the country, in memory of gerardo hernandez on friday. this occurred on friday. a memorial service is scheduled for him for next tuesday. >>> and the fbi is looking for help tracking down three bank robbers. the suspects were caught on camera holding up a philadelphia bank. abc's tai hernandez has more on this. >> reporter: this morning, police are on a manhunt to catch these three masked robbers, caught in this dramatic surveillance footage, robbing a philadelphia-area bank in the middle of the day. you can see the trio storm the bank. and order the horrified people inside to the ground. take a look at this frightened person inch around a wall to hide in a cubicle. police say one of the men stood guard at the front door. while another stood over the terrified customers and workers. a third guy jumped on the counter and demands cash from the tellers. the suspects then confiscate cell phones and make a mad dash out of th
Al Jazeera America
Nov 26, 2013 3:30am EST
... >> detroit... >> chicago... >> nashville... >> los angeles... >> san francisco... >> al jazeera america, take a new look at news. the stream is uniquely interactive television. in fact, we depend on you, your ideas, your concerns. >> all these folks are making a whole lot of money. >> you are one of the voices of this show. >> i think you've offended everyone with that kathy. >> hold on, there's some room to offend people, i'm here. >> we have a right to know what's in our food and monsanto do not have the right to hide it from us. >> so join the conversation and make it your own. >> watch the stream. >> and join the conversation online @ajamstream. >> for years now the frugal and thrifty have earned a pittance. the fed is looking for a policy change that could see you earn less interest. in fact it could cost you money to park your money in the bank. >> through quantitive easing the federal reserve has injected 3 $3 trillion into the economy by buying bonds at the bank and crediting their account at the fed. after five years and three rounds the lion share of the new money 2-pn $2.3 trillion
Nov 22, 2013 7:00am PST
the way things used to be. >> the los angeles auto show gets under way this morning, expected to draw nearly 1 million people over the next ten days. this year visitors will see the next big step in the car industry. bill whitaker is at the los angeles convention center. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and good morning to our viewers here in the west. all the major automakers are driving to be green with hybrids and electric cars now in showrooms. but there's an old technology making a comeback. hydrogen power. this honda hydrogen concept car won't be available in showrooms until 2015. but if you're in a hurry, there will be one hydrogen car available this spring. >> our engineers have been hard at work. and the new hydrogen fuel cell solution is this. this is all of it. >> reporter: that's it. >> yep. >> reporter: for decades, engineers have touted the promise of zero-emission hydrogen-fueled cars. this week at the los angeles auto show, automakers finally are keeping that promise. hyundai is the first major automaker to mass produce a hydrogen fue
Nov 20, 2013 12:00pm PST
. >>> san francisco, san jose, and los angeles will also participate. this is video of some of the guns turned in during one of san jose's two gun buybacks in march of this year. more than 1700 guns were turned over at that event. tonight a launch party is scheduled at 5:30 at rosy mccann's irish pub on santana row to kick off the program. >>> a new warning today about the impacts of not expanding runways at san francisco international airport. jacqueline fell has obtained a report that shows what travelers could be facing down the road and joins us live. jacqueline? >> reporter: we all know how busy the airport can be around the holidays, specifically the wednesday before thanksgiving. well, the u.s. travel association says get ready for more days like that at sfo. the travel industry says within the next decade, most of the country's busiest airports will become just as busy and congested two days a week as they are on the wednesday before thanksgiving. in order to keep up with increasing capacity at sfo, the association says more runways are needed and more customs and border officer
Nov 6, 2013 4:30am EST
with a high of 62. miami, mostly sunny. rain in chicago, 54 the high. dallas, showers as well. los angeles, lots of sunshine. >>> and time now for a check of the national forecast. this morning a storm is tracking east from the plains to the upper midwest. light snow is predicted for parts of wisconsin and michigan. there will be showers from southern texas to kentucky, and it will also be dry through most of the west and warmer in the northeast. >>> houston texans' head coach gary kubiak is out of the hospital after suffering what the team calls a mini stroke. kubiak collapsed on the field at halftime of the texans' game sunday night. while doctors say kubiak will make a full recovery, there's no timetable on when he will be back with the team. >>> and new allegations of bullying against suspended dolphins' linemen richie incognito. incognito was suspended earlier this week after supposedly sending threatening texts and e-mails to a teammate. he also made threats with his previous team. he's trying to weather the storm. he will lose $200,000 for each game he misses. >> in the nba a career
Al Jazeera America
Nov 29, 2013 2:30am EST
... >> detroit... >> chicago... >> chicago... >> nashville... >> nashville... >> los angeles... >> los angeles... >> san francisco... >> san francisco... >> al jazeera america, >> al jazeera america, take a new look at news. take a new look at news. >> i'm phil torezz, coming up >> i'm phil torezz, coming up next on techknow. next on techknow. >> hike! >> hike! >> america's favorite sport is >> america's favorite sport is under fire. under fire. >> now, that impact simulated >> now, that impact simulated 100 g's of acceleration in your 100 g's of acceleration in your brain. brain. >> it's the opponent no player >> it's the opponent no player can see. can see. >> so the system is showing >> so the system is showing real-time impact. real-time impact. >> can science prevent >> can science prevent concussions? concussions? >> i did my job and just had to >> i did my job and just had to sacrifice my brain to do it. sacrifice my brain to do it. why welcome back. why welcome back. we're talking about native we're talking about native americans, washington redskins, americans, washington redskins, ot
Nov 10, 2013 4:00am PST
with his teammate jonathan martin. abc's aditi roy is in los angeles with the details. >> reporter: good morning, dan. the video that you just saw was richie making his way through a los angeles airport, many assuming that he was there to talk to martin or going to the headquarters of his agent. >> you can ask anybody in the miami dolphins' locker room, who had jon martin's back and they would undoubtedly tell you me. >> reporter: today, richie incognito is making a very public appeal. >> the racism. the bad words. you know that's what i regret most. but that's a product of the environment but that's something that we use all the time. >> reporter: in an interview with fox's jay glazer, he speaks candidly about allegations that he bullied jonathan martin. >> this iss an issue of my and jon's relationship. >> reporter: the so-called threats the intimidation, were nothing more than common locker room banter. >> this speaks to -- it speaks to the culture of our locker room, it speaks to the culture or our closeness. >> reporter: dl fins players spoke about their embattled teammates. some de
Nov 17, 2013 4:00am PST
's the fun thing about an hour outside of los angeles, thanksgiving is a little bit different. the farm is home to more than 100 rescued animals, goetz, sheep, chicken and pigs. their newest arrival a precious 2-month-old calf, but at thanksgiving time it's all about the turkeys. >> this she's one of our stars today. >> reporter: their annual celebration for the turkeys draws hundreds of families and volunteers, all coming for a very special thanksgiving dinner. >> thanksgiving is a time for people to be grateful. so, we came up with a different way of celebrating with the turkeys as guests of honor. >> reporter: from the founder started the event more than 20 years ago, the turkey sit at a beautiful table with all of their favorite foods. the dining etiquette, pretty much anything goes. they have plenty of adorning fans. >> she loves the turkeys. >> he likes the lettuce. >> the turkeys are very affectionate animals. they love having belly rubs. >> being compassionate and grateful is a huge part. the most important part of thanksgiving. >> reporter: in the eveni ining everyone else gets
Nov 4, 2013 7:00am PST
with margaret brennan. norah o'donnell is off. police in los angeles say paul ciancia wanted to instill fear in tsa personnel-he faces murder charges in the killing of a tsa officer at los angeles i remember airport. >> security at l.a.x. is under review this morning because of friday's shooting. >> he had a gun, like he had the gun trained down like this and he took two shots. >> didn't make sense to me. i thought, you know, well you know that guy had a gun and no one was there to stop him. you know? police were outside. >> police did respond, shooting inging ciancia four times. sources tell our john mill ter gunman snuck in an assault weapon into the terminal by hiding it in his suitcase and a backpack. he cut holes in the top of the suitcase and the bottom of the backpack so the gun would fit inside. >>> is still dealing with technical problems. it won't be available between 1:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. earn day for improvements. >> dianne feinstein says the site should go totally offline until it's fixed. >> i felt and i said this directly to the president's
Nov 7, 2013 7:00am PST
to deflect an aste will hit the earth. >> reporter: or "cbs this morning," carter evans in los angeles. >>> one more study and watch out. >> exactly. five weeks ago the fbi shut down what it called the most sew fisty kayed and criminal marketplace on the internet. silk road was a website selling drugs and other illegal goods but this morning as ben tracy reports, it may be finding new life. >> reporter: the new site has the same name and same look, offering up a list of illegal drugs. the purported new operator announced the website is back up. deja vu anyone? this could be gigantic. >> it could be a scam. >> he's used encrypted midges to talk to the person who says he's running the new site which claims to be register 1g,000 user purse hour. >> for some it's more than just a website. it's a cause. they're really invested in it and want to see it succeed. >> silk road is a website where users could browse anonymously for drugs. they had bid coin. it was with a black market bend selling heroin and cocaine as well as guns and fake i.d.s. after a two-y
Nov 7, 2013 7:00am EST
: or "cbs this morning," carter evans in los angeles. >>> one more study and watch out. >> exactly. five weeks ago the fbi shut down what it called the most sew fisty kayed and criminal marketplace on the internet. silk road was a website selling drugs and other illegal goods but this morning as ben tracy reports, it may be finding new life. >> reporter: the new site has the same name and same look, offering up a list of illegal drugs. the purported new operator announced the website is back up. deja vu anyone? this could be gigantic. >> it could be a scam. >> he's used encrypted midges to talk to the person who says he's running the new site which claims to be register 1g,000 user purse hour. >> for some it's more than just a website. it's a cause. they're really invested in it and want to see it succeed. >> silk road is a website where users could browse anonymously for drugs. they had bid coin. it was with a black market bend selling heroin and cocaine as well as guns and fake i.d.s. after a two-year investigation the fbi shut the site down last month and arrested its suspe
Nov 15, 2013 11:35pm PST
of yours, a player for the los angeles kings. >> good one, too. if you know. i wouldn't know. >> jimmy: he is injured now. >> yes, yes. >> jimmy: dating an athlete, i imagine it causes problems. now all the other guys you're interviewing, yeah, she'll jump over the fence? >> it doesn't cause any sort of problems. you know who set us up. michael strahan, a very good record the he set up angie harmon and jason seahorn. >> jimmy: married a long time. >> batting 1-1. i never would have allowed terry bradshaw. >> jimmy: no, no, no. terry bradshaw, you would have gotten somebody toothless. >> i do have some one toothless. he is great. everything is going well. try to keep my mouth shut analyzing anything in his sports world. i am a big help in fantasy football. dominating the league for the los angeles kings. >> jimmy: any americans on the team, the kings. >> yes, the goalie and the captain. come to a game. >> jimmy: that's it. you advise him on which players to select in his fantasy draft? >> i am not allowed to help him. i'm not going to date a loser. i need him to win. i'm the general manager
Nov 5, 2013 6:00pm PST
, high temperatures in 70s from chico to fresno. 80s in los angeles. 70 monterey. here in the bay area another mild day. high temperatures into upper 60s and low to mid-70s around the bay. mid to upper 70s inland here is the accu-weather forecast. two more mild days coming our way. cooling down friday. cooling down over the weekend. clouds thicken saturday there is a chance of rain. not heavy rain, but rain monday, which is veteran's day. happy veteran's day. >> thank you. >> big news about 49ers. >> yes. getting back to full >> yes. getting back to full strength, cave we love this kitchen! what's next? great! do you have measurements? yeah, i paced it off. it's about twenty by twelve of these. so, we can measure, plan and install it for you. yea, let's do that! ikea. professional kitchen services at a low price. we lowhat's next?hen! great! do you have measurements? yeah, i paced it off. it's about twenty by twelve of these. so, we can measure, plan and install it for you. yea, let's do that! ikea. professional kitchen services at a low price. hose who've been denied ewelcome to cover
Nov 8, 2013 4:00am PST
get the highlights from espn. >> good morning, america. welcome to our "sportscenter" studios in los angeles. i'm stan verrett. big night in college football on thursday. the headliner, oregon and stanford. from the farm in palo alto. oregon came in number three in the bcs. stanford, number five. kevin hogan, get in there. 8 carries, 57 yards for him. tyler gaffney did most of the work. 45 carries, a school record, 157 yards. marcus mariota, for a 12-yard touchdown. oregon cut it to a six-point game. oregon trailed 26-0, at one point. a couple of passes late for mariota, the heisman candidate. after oregon recovered one onside kick, they couldn't get the other one. stanford hangs on to win, 26-20. >>> from the nfl, redskins and vikings. cris carter being honored by the vikings for his hall of fame induction. christian ponder, scrambles. lands awkward on his left harm. left the game with a dislocated left shoulder. he did not return. next play, though, adrian peterson, how easy is that? 75 yards for a touchdown. 28-27, vikings. it came down to this. fourth and goal for the redskins. f
Nov 13, 2013 4:00am PST
, america. welcome to our "sportscenter" set here in los angeles. i'm stan verrett. this is neil everett. >> get my chair. >> pull up your chair. there you go. a big night of college basketball in chicago. neil's going to start off with the number one and number two teams in the country. we have one and two and four and five. julius randle, orange julius. 27 points, 13 rebounds. he didn't have a very good first half. here's the play of the game right here. branden dawson. the putback. and number one, kentucky, downed. sparty beats them by four. >>> top two incoming freshmen in the country. duke, facing off with kansas. and duke up three. under 1:30 to go. wiggins. off the turnover. put it on the line, as well. 22 points, 8 rebounds for him. and kansas gets the win, 94-83. >> perry ellis was a team with points and rebounds. but he's a sophomore. >> only freshmen -- >> can't be a sophomore phenom. only a freshman phenom. >>> that's all we got. >> yeah. usually they count down in our ear how much time we have left. that's it. >> we'll take it back. yeah. >>> we rarely cover horse racing her
Nov 22, 2013 4:00am PST
. >> if you're flying, airport delays are possible in phoenix, los angeles, dallas, memphis and houston. >>> police in britain are investigating a shocking discovery. >> three women held captive in a home in south london for 30 years. a 69-year-old from malaysia. a 57-year-old from ireland. and a 30-year-old britton who is believed to be born in captivity. it's similar to that of ariel castro who kept three women captive in his house for ten years in cleveland, right under neighbors' noses. >> they had rooms they could use. but they were very restricted on everything they could do. >> this morning all three of the women are in a safe place and said to be doing well. two people, a man and a woman, both 67 years old, are now in custody. >>> kennedy cousin michael skakel spending his first night out of jail in more than a decade. he is on bail in connecticut, while prosecutors appeal a ruling that granted him a new trial. he wants to spend time with family, including his son. if they lose appeal, they will put skakel on trial again. >>> a heartbreaking story from suburban minneapolis. two
Nov 5, 2013 7:00am PST
. on monday fbi agents visited ciancia's apartment near los angeles. they escorted one of his roommates to his car, also a black hyundai. airport police and the tsa are now reviewing security procedures at the los angeles airport. >> as much as we work each and every day to make this airport and others safe i'm sad to say but nothing will ever be 100%. >> reporter: a memorial was held monday night for gerardo hernandez. the union that represents tsa officers called for some of those officers to carry guns. currently, none are armed. >> we're not suggesting that all 45,000 tsa officers be armed. what we're suggesting is there needs to be another layer added, which would be transportation security law enforcement officers who would have law enforcement duties would have a weapon, would have the ability to arrest people. >> reporter: but the head of the airport police here says even if the tsa agent who was murdered had a gun it would not have mattered. that's because paul ciancia had his his rifle in his suitcase. he pulled it out at the last minute and fired at that of
Nov 15, 2013 4:00am PST
, sunny today. 56 the high. miami, showers. but sunshine in chicago and dallas. partially sunny in los angeles today. >>> time now for a check of the national forecast. the northeast will be dry with highs in the 40s and 50s. it will be even warmer in much of the south. there will be rain across the pacific northwest, and parts of the cascades in northern washington could see up to a foot of snow. >>> in sports, indianapolis colts quarterback andrew luck has never lost two games in a row in his short professional career. luck kept that streak alive last night against tennessee. with his team down by two touchdowns, at one point luck gives the colts the lead on an 11-yard touchdown run. indianapolis wins, 30-27. >>> a wild finish in the nba between oklahoma city and golden state. russell westbrook gives the thunder a one-point lead with less than three seconds to play, but golden state's andre iguodala has enough time for one last shot. >> iguodala, here he comes. he got it! the warriors have won on a team-winning shot by andre iguodala! >> iguodala finishes with 14 points, and golden s
Nov 1, 2013 7:00am PDT
killed 22. on board that day, this family from los angeles had taken 70 different cruises, but no more. >> we will never go on a cruise again, okay, until there is major changes in the cruise line and their safety program. they are not putting passengers' safety first. >> the latest generation of mega cruise ships are just too big, and they've got too many people on board them. >> reporter: bill dougherty is a former safety manager for norwegian cruise line. his fear, it would be nearly impossible to evacuate and then save so many people. >> what do you do with 9,000, 10,000 people in the water in life-saving craft in the middle of the ocean? >> reporter: cruising has never been more popular. 21 million people this year alone. but in the first nine months of 2013, the cruise industry has had three ships run aground, five ship fires, five collisions, 28 mechanical problems and 16 ships that failed health inspections. >> certainly, the kinds of things that are going on on cruise ships are raising concerns among passengers and are eroding confidence in the industry. >> reporter: largely t
Nov 4, 2013 7:00am PST
in the deadly attack at los angeles airport. miguel almaguer is at l.a.x. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. this is where it all happened inside terminal three. police say the suspect walked through the front door with a rifle and five magazine clips and opened fire. 23-year-old paul ciancia walked inside the terminal with this assault rifle, plenty of ammo, a plan to kill and a note for police. >> in that note, he indicated his anger and his malice, i would say, toward the tsa officers. >> reporter: according to a federal criminal complaint, ciancia fired multiple rounds at point blank range at officer gerardo hernandez. investigators said ciancia proceeded up an escalator, but when hernandez appeared to move, he returned to shoot him again. police say he shoots tony grigsby and brian ludmer. once he was past security, police say he made his way down the long corridor. according to some reports, he went up to witnesses and said tsa. they shook their heads no and he kept going. ciancia was seen shooting several times. we now know ciancia lived in los angeles for over a year. law en
FOX News
Nov 17, 2013 3:00am PST
five people hurt at the los angeles memorial coliseum when fans rushed the field after the usc football team win over stanford. one person suffering a possible broken leg. another fell. all ten why taken to the hospital to get checked out. >>> all right. are you ready for some sports, guys? this one, the talk of college football world this morning. what can be one of the most incredible hail mary touchdown's. it was caught on camera. look at this. >> lets it go. oh, my god! >> oh, my goodness. >> oh, no! >> can you believe that? auburn down 38-37 with just seconds left on the clock. qb nick marshall threw up a desperation heave on 4th and 18. somehow ricardo lewis pulled it in off that tip. auburn wins 43-38. that's why you throw them up there. right? sometimes it happens. >> one in 500 times. >> one in 500 times, rick. you never know when it's going to happen. >> unbelievable. >> good morning. >> good morning, guys. there's a loot happening weather wise. >> there is? >> yes, there is. today will be a big day. take a look at this video that we'll start with out of washington and oregon.
Nov 21, 2013 7:00am PST
. >> reporter: for "good morning america," aditi roy, abc news, los angeles. >> to be continued. cee lo's next hearing is set for january 16th. >>> coming up here, "hunger games" star, jennifer lawrence, is here with us live. and you never know what she'll say. she's the best. you don't want to miss that. >>> and pitbull, taking us backstage at the amas. mr. worldwide. >>> you remember jean-claude van damme's epic split between these two trucks. with enya rolling. it may have been topped. >> whoa. >> oh. >> oh, josh. >> oh. at uwe know you can't afford wrong turns on the road to your future. that's why we build tools like our career guidance system. it's kind of like gps, you know, for your career. it walks you through different degree possibilities and even lets you explore local job market conditions, helping you map a clear course from the job you want, back to you. go to and get started today. [ corbett ] if you haven't checked your medicare drug plan this year, you could be at the corner of "i'm throwing away money" and "i had no idea." well, walgreens has your back. our exper
Nov 9, 2013 5:30am PST
spon los angeles. >> reporter: while they were once described as close friends, it is unear whether they are now in contact with each other. they are both waitg for an opportuny to speak to a lawyer hired by the nfl to investigate these allegations of bullying. lphins offensive lineman, jonaan martin, remains on the team injury report is weekend, the reason listed, illness. friday, marn was spotted leaving his parentslos angeles home. attorney, ted lls, is leading the nfl's investigation into allegaons of bullying. >> wil it be over by the end of the seon? >> i hope so. >> is the nfl givg you complete independence? >> complete. >> reporr: at issue, w martin bullied by one or more teammates? is the newest allegation true thatt least once martin suffered a physica atta. statement issued by mart's attorney says, in part, jonathan endured harassment that went far beyo the traditional locker room hazing. he endured a malicious physil attack on him by a teammate and daily vulgar comnts. one aeged quo is a course comment about threatening martin'sister. last sunday, the dolphins suspende m
Nov 19, 2013 7:00am PST
a sulfuric acid spill so to blame for sickening sickeninging dozens of people in los angeles. >> george zimmerman is in trouble with the law once again. >> charged with assault after a fight with a girlfriend. >> you broke my glass table, my sun glasses and put your gun in my face. >> actress brittany murphy may have been killed by poisoning. >> the dow rising above 16,000 for the first time yesterday, but it fell back by the end of the day. >> all that. >> a heart-stopping stunt by an american rapper in london. holy mackerel. >> the game's final play. brady sets up intercepted! hang on! flag in the end zone! no foul. game over. panthers with the win. brady wants an explanation. >> and "all that mattered." >> a new poll shows president obama's approval rating at an all-time low. the only good news out of the obama care is it's nice to know smebody knows less about computers than i do. >> on "cbs this morning." >> i am changing my behavior. i'm working with a team of professionals. >> of course the professional's name was cinnamon. >> this morning's "eye opener" is pres
Nov 20, 2013 7:00am PST
. >> reporter: at 64 his tempo hasn't slowed. he and his family live in los angeles where he makes music all the time. freedom for me is the most important word in the entire nation. ♪ >> i love the u.s., man. i love the u.s. ♪ >> reporter: today the u.s. says the feeling is mutual. for "cbs this morning," bill whitaker los angeles. >> once again, bill clinton, oprah winfrey, gloria steinem, which is the reason we miss gayle today. >> i know but we'll get a full report from her tomorrow as they honor all these people with the presidential medal of freedom. incredible. >> he said it so well. it's the second word i like so much. >> freedom. freedom. >>> and tomorrow on "cbs this morning," every girl's dream. french luxury you got to love the weekend. it's like everyone came to "if it's good, let's save it for the weekend." so here's to the kfc ten buck weekend bucket. ten pieces, ten bucks. any recipe. just ten bucks every saturday and sunday. today tastes so good. >>> that does it for us. tomorrow a full report from gayle inside the white house. announcer: right now a
Nov 5, 2013 7:00am EST
out in los angeles are focusing on the anti-government views of the man who was charged with killing that tsa officer. this morning, officials say they still don't know why the suspect chose his target. some observers say the officers should have been able to defend themselves. ben tracy's inside terminal 3 at l.a.x. where the shooting took place. ben, good morning. >> reporter: margaret and charlie, good morning. accused gunman paul ciancia is still in the hospital this morning. his lawyer says he's unconscious and unable to speak after being shot in the face by l.a.x. police. now ciancia's family did issue a statement. they say they're shocked by what took place right here in this terminal. some are now calling for tsa officers to be armed. tony grigsby was one of two tsa officers shot on friday who survived he wanted to talk about his fellow officer who did not. >> let me take one moment to express the sadness i feel in my heart over the loss of my friend gerardo hernandez. not only how it has hit me that i will never see him again. >> reporter: grigsby says he was shot twice as h
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